The Journey of the winter rose thoughts & rambles

The journey of the winter rose Cover

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Shards of Glass – “An accomplished poet with more than a decade in the field to her credit, this polish is reflected in her intricately-crafted poetry.” Rebecca Fowles – THE WESTERN STAR

“Beautiful and pithy. There are some wonderful pieces in this collection.” Bob Murray PhD best-selling author of “Raising an Optimistic Child” and “Creating Optimism.”

Hemispheres – “In this her fourth collection, Margery Kemp demonstrates her facility to distill the essence of something and with disarming economy present it in all its complexity and simplicity. Her words resonate and linger in the air, inviting a return to the page that they might be considered again, anew.” Pat Woolley – PREVIEWS, THE AUSTRALIAN BOOK REVIEW

“This collection compares well with the other small collections I pull off my shelves. Your poems have a freshness and variety others lack.” Dr. Jan Roberts PhD, Historian and Publisher

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